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Some people think that biographies are boring. In actual fact,  people's stories are often quite fascinating if they are presented in the right way. In this collection of titles you will find wonderful  biographies about all kinds of people: political figures, sports heroes, inventors, explorers, and many more.


A - B

  • Abigail Adams - First Lady of the United States
  • Abraham Lincoln - America's Civil War president
  • Albert Einstein - A Peace Loving Genius
  • Alexander Graham Bell - An inventor who studied the science of sound
  • Alexander Hamilton - Alexander Hamilton was an American politician who served his country with distinction.
  • Amelia Earhart - A woman aviator who broke records and astonished the world
  • Andrew Carnegie - Andrew Carnegie was one of America's must successful business barons. He was famous for his wealth and his philanthropy.
  • Andy Warhol - An artist who created a new genre in the world of art
  • Anne Frank - A young girl who wrote about her WWII experiences in a diary
  • Annie Oakley - A woman whose sharp shooting skills thrilled a generation
  • Antonio Vivaldi - A wonderful musician and composer from Italy
  • Babe Ruth - One of the great kings in the world of baseball
  • Beatrix Potter - A children's book writer whose animal characters have charmed thousands of young readers all over the world
  • Benedict Arnold - An American Revolutionary War general who became a traitor
  • Benjamin Franklin - A senior American statesman who helped shape his country
  • Bessie Coleman - An African American woman who proved that anyone can be a great pilot if they work hard enough
  • Betsy Ross - A Quaker seamstress who helped to make the first American flag
  • Blackbeard the pirate - Books about Arthur Teach "Blackbeard," one of the most infamous pirates of all time.
  • Booker T. Washington - An educator who created a higher place of learning for African Americans

C - D

  • Carrie Chapman Catt - Carrie Chapman Catt was an inspirational leader in the women's rights movement.
  • Catherine of Aragon - Henry VIII's first queen who was discarded to make way for Anne Boleyn
  • Catherine the Great of Russia
  • Cesar Chavez - A peaceful civil rights leader
  • Charles Darwin - A naturalist who saw patterns in nature and sought to find out the truth behind them
  • Charles Dickens - A writer who used his stories to comment on the social inequalities of his times
  • Christopher Columbus - The first European to find America
  • Clara Barton - A Civil War nurse and founder of the American Red Cross
  • Claude Monet - An artist who broke with tradition and who created controversial art
  • Coretta Scott King - Coretta Scott King was a women who not only supported her husband in his efforts to help his people, but she also was an inspirational civil rights leader in her own right.
  • Daniel Boone - A pioneer and adventurer
  • Dolley Madison - A First Lady who stood by her husband and protected a nation's treasures
  • Dr. Seuss - A master creator of children's books
  • Duke Ellington - Duke Ellington was a performer and composer whose work had a lasting and meaningful impact on the world of music.
  • Dwight Eisenhower - A selection of books for young readers about the life and achievements of Dwight Eisenhower, soldier and president.

E - F

G - H

  • Galileo Galilei - A student of astronomy who was ahead of his time
  • George Eastman - An inventor who made photography accessible to the masses
  • George Frederic Handel - A composer who delighted his audiences with his creative music.
  • George Washington - An American Revolutionary War general and America's first president
  • George Washington Carver - A botanist and scientist
  • Georges Seurat - A painter who took Impressionism to a new level by painting with tiny dots
  • Georgia O'Keeffe - An artist who saw space, shapes, and light in a most unusual way
  • Hank Aaron - A baseball player who broke Babe Ruth's home run record
  • Hans Christian Andersen - A children's story writer whose tales have brought magic into the lives of thousands of children
  • Harriet Tubman - An escaped slave who worked on the Underground Railroad
  • Harry Houdini - A master escapologist and illusionist
  • Helen Keller - A young woman who learned to communiate with the world even though she was deaf and blind
  • Henri Matisse - A French painter who wasn't afraid of developing his own artistic voice.
  • Henri Rousseau - A painter who created wild and wonderful images of places he never saw
  • Henry David Thoreau - A man who looked for new ways of thinking and who wrote a book that influenced many people.
  • Henry Ford - The man who invented the first mass-produced and inexpensive car

I - J

  • Ida B. Wells - A woman who fought for the rights of her people using words
  • Isaac Newton - A great thinker who made all kinds of discoveries about science
  • J.R.R. Tolkien - Books about the author who brought us Bilbo Baggins and other wonderful characters.
  • Jackie Robinson - The courageous man who broke the color barrier in baseball
  • James Madison - James Madison was America's fourth president, and he is often known as the Father of the Constitution.
  • Jeanette Rankin - A lady who worked hard to be a force for change in Congress
  • Jesse James - A famous wild west personality
  • Jesse Owens - Books for young readers about one of the world's greatest athletes.
  • Johann Sebastian Bach - A great composer and musician
  • Johannes Gutenberg - The inventor of the printing press, which was an innovation that changed the world.
  • John F. Kennedy - One of America's most loved and most admired presidents
  • John Glenn - One of the first astronauts who went to the moon
  • John Hancock - An American Revolutionary War leader who dared to put his life on the line
  • John Harrison - The inventor of the clock that could go to sea
  • John James Audubon - A painter who bought the world of birds into people's living rooms
  • John Quincy Adams - An American president who grew up during the revolutionary war and who served his country from a very early age.
  • Johnny Appleseed - A planter of trees and lover of nature
  • Jonas Salk - The inventor who created the polio vaccine

K - L

  • King Tut - The discovery of King Tut's tomb intrigued thousands of people all over the world. Find out about this incredible find and the young Egyptian king by reading some of the books in this feature.
  • Langston Hughes - Langston Hughes was an African American poet whose writings would have a profound effect on the literary voice of his country.
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder - A writer whose stories about pioneer life in America made her a household name
  • Leonardo da Vinci - A Renaissance man who explored the natual world and created great works of art.
  • Louis Armstrong - An American musician who put a new energy into the world of jazz and gave music lovers memorable songs
  • Louis Braille - The story of a man who made it possible for blind people to read books using the tips of their fingers instead of their eyes.
  • Louisa May Alcott - Books about Louisa May Alcott, the author and activist.
  • Lucy Maud Montgomery - A writer who brought the world a beloved book character - Anne of Green Gables
  • Ludwig Van Beethoven - A musician who composed extraordinary music even after he began to go deaf

M - N

  • Madame C.J. Walker - Madam C.J. Walker created her own business empire making and selling cosmetics and beauty products for African American women. She was an inspiration to women, and to her the people of her race.
  • Mahalia Jackson - Books about a singer whose voice had the power to move people and to give them hope.
  • Marc Chagall - Marc Chagall was an artist who dared to create works of art that were very different.
  • Marco Polo - An Italian adventurer who brought home tales of far off lands
  • Maria Mitchell - A woman astronomer
  • Marian Anderson - Marian Anderson was an African American singer whose voice charmed music lovers, and whose courage was an inspiration.
  • Marie Antoinette - France's last, and tragic, queen
  • Marie Curie - A passionate scientist who discovered the element radium
  • Mark Twain - A writer, journalist, public speaker, and adventurer who gave the world Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer
  • Martin Luther King Jr. - A civil rights leader who fought for his people with courage, peace, and passion
  • Mary Cassatt - A painter who love to paint mothers, children, and gentle family scenes
  • Mary Queen of Scots - A royal who tried very hard to get what she thought was her due - and failed
  • Matthew Henson - An African American explorer who went to the North Pole
  • Michelangelo - An Italian artist who left behind a meaningful legacy of art
  • Napoleon Bonaparte - A general whose troops took over much of Europe and whose tactics are still studied today
  • Nellie Bly - A woman journalist who broke the rules
  • Norman Rockwell - Norman Rockwell was an artist whose art was distinctive, and whose images became the face of America for many.

O - R

  • Pablo Picasso - An artist who changed the way people looked at art
  • Patrick Henry - An early American politician who believed in the need to have an independent America
  • Paul Cezanne - A famous French Impressionsist painter
  • Paul Gauguin - A post-impressionist painter who loved to paint in the tropics
  • Paul Revere - One of the founding activists in the American Revolutionary War
  • Phillis Wheatley - Phyliss Wheatley was an African American slave who showed the people in her world that people of color are capable to doing anything, if they are just given the chance.
  • Pierre Auguste Renoir - An Impressionist painter who created beautiful scenes of everyday life
  • Queen Elizabeth I of England - One of England's greatest rulers whose policies influenced people all over the world.
  • Queen Victoria of England - One of England's most famous queens who gave her name to an era
  • Rachel Carson - Rachel Carson was a woman spoke out about the need to preserve the environment in the days when environmentalism was in its infancy.
  • Rembrandt van Rijn - A Dutch painter who painted beautifully detailed paintings of everday scenes and people
  • Roald Amundsen - A great explorer who led the first team to successfully reached the South Pole.
  • Roald Dahl - One of the world's most beloved children's book writers
  • Robert Scott - An explorer who dared to travel to and explore of the most inhospitable places on the planet.
  • Rosa Parks - A woman who dared to fight against the racism in America
  • Rudyard Kipling - Books about the British poet and writer who gave us The Jungle Book, Kim, and other splendid books.

S - U

  • Samuel Adams - An American Revolutionary War patriot who believed that the American people needed to be free
  • Satchel Paige - A baseball player who proved that African American baseball players had something to offer the game
  • Seabiscuit - A horse who defied the odds and became a hero
  • Sir Frances Drake - A sailor who sought adventure and who brought home much plunder for his queen
  • Sir Walter Raleigh - One of Queen Elizabeth's courtiers who dreamed of adventures and who wanted to find new lands
  • Sojourner Truth - A runaway slave who fought for the abolitionist cause with her eloquence and the power of her words
  • Susan B. Anthony - A leader in the women's rights movement
  • The Marquis de Lafayette
  • Theodore Roosevelt - An American president, soldier, writer, and adventurer
  • Thomas Edison - A prolific inventor whose inventions changed the world
  • Thomas Jefferson - One of America's most famous and most learned presidents
  • Thomas Paine - Though he was born and raised an Englishman, Thomas Paine ended up dedicating a great deal of his time to the cause of the American colonists. A skilled writer, Paine used words to help the Americans fight for the their freedom.
  • Thurgood Marshall - Books about one of America's greatest Supreme Court Justices.

V - Z

  • Victoria Woodhull - A woman who dared to run for the presidency in the days when women did not even have the vote
  • Vincent Van Gogh - A Dutch painter who painted in a new way
  • Walt Whitman - A poet who wrote about everyday life and the beautiful things that exist in the world
  • Wangari Maathai - Books about a Kenyan woman who worked to make her country a better place, one tree at a time.
  • William Shakespeare - A playwright whose works influenced English literature
  • Winston Churchill - Books about Britain's most well known Prime Minister
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - A musical genius whose compositions had a profound influence on the world of music
  • Wright Brothers - Two American brothers who created the first real passenger carrying flying machine