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Every month people around the world are celebrating something. If you live in the United States, Halloween is a day to savor. If you live in India, Diwali might be your favorite holiday; and if you live in China, the Lunar New Year celebrations are a time when you enjoy special foods, fireworks, and parties. On the feature pages listed below you will find reviews of books that explore the traditions and origins of all kinds of holidays. We hope you find something that you will enjoy reading.


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  • Groundhog Day - The day when a famous groundhog tells us if winter is going to be short or long
  • Halloween - This is a day when people of all ages get dressed up in costumes and go from door to door in their neighborhood saying "Trick or Treat."
  • Hanukkah - A time when Jews all over the world light candles, give thanks, exchange gifts, and tell the story of a miracle.
  • Juneteenth
  • Lunar (Chinese) New Year - The New Year celebrations that take place in China and many other Asian countries

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  • Saint Patrick's Day - A day when people celebrate the life of the Irish patron saint and all things Irish
  • Thanksgiving - This American celebration remembers an event that took place in the early days of America's colonial history.
  • Valentine's Day - This is a day when people express their love for others with cards, letters, and gifts.