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On this page you will find a list of general book review collections. Among many others there are collections of animals books (cats, dogs, pigs, elephants), and collections of  fantasy books (witches and wizards, fairies, monsters.) Take a look and I am sure you will find some books that will interest you.


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  • Activity, Art, and craft books and kits - This feature contains reviews of wonderful kits and books that show young readers how to draw and how to make all kinds of things with their hands. There are also activity books that will engage their minds and tap into their creative selves. Many of these titles and kits would make great gifts
  • Alien Encounters
  • Alphabet Books - A look at alphabet books of all kinds
  • America's Famous Documents - This is a collection of books that tell the story of American's famous documents including the Declaration of Independence.
  • Archeology - The story of archeology and of archeological digs of all kinds
  • Art and Artists - A collection of books about art and artists of all kinds
  • At the Circus - Come and enjoy a very bookish circus with clowns, elephants, and lion tamers
  • At the Theater - Books about theaters and theater people.
  • At the zoo - Explore zoos and zoo animals with this collection of books.
  • Baseball Days - Baseball - the quintessential American game.
  • Bears - A look at bears of all kinds, in fact and fiction.
  • Birds - Soar up into the sky with some of these feathery bird books.
  • Books about Russia
  • Books and Libraries - A collection of books that are about books and libraries
  • Builders and Buildings - Learn about famous buildings and builders in this feature
  • Cats - Enjoy a large collection of feline related books in this feature
  • China - Learn about modern and ancient China in this collection of books.
  • Chocolate - Chocolate is a treat that millions of people all over the world enjoy. Here are a few books that celebrate chocolate, and a few in which even chocolate plays a central role in the story.
  • Classics and Favorites Collection - There are so many books in the library now, thousands and thousands of them, and I decided that I would create a collection of my favorite titles. Some are relatively new, while others were published decades ago.
  • Counting Books - You will counting books that are unique, fun, and creative in this feature. Help a child learn how to count with animals, trucks, and favorite characters.
  • Days at the Beach - Take a bookish trip to the seaside by visiting this collection of books
  • Dinosaurs - A collection of books about fictional and non-fictional dinosaurs for readers of all ages
  • Dogs - Look at books about dogs of all kinds in this feature
  • Dragon - Enjoy a magical journey into the world of dragons.

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M - P

  • Maps and Atlases - You will find some splendid maps and atlases in this feature
  • Mermaids and Sea Monsters - Books for readers of all ages that contain stories about mermaids and sea monsters
  • Mice and rat books - Meet mice and rats of all kinds in this delightfully squeaky and cheesy feature.
  • Moles
  • Monsters - Enjoy a break with some terrific monsters by dipping into this feature
  • Mount Everest - In this feature you will find an interesting collection of books about one of the world's most captivating mountain.
  • Music and Musicians - Meet fictional and non-fictional musicians in this feature, and explore the world of music.
  • Olympic Games - Find out all about these extraordinary games in the books in this collection.
  • On the farm - Find books for readers of all ages about farms, farm animals, and farm life in this feature.
  • Penguins - This is a short category description for penguins
  • Pigs - Enjoy a little time with bookish pigs of all kinds.
  • Pirates - Avast there! Come and meet some bookish pirates in this feature
  • Princesses - Meet princesses in fact and in fiction in this collection of books

Q - T

  • Rabbits
  • Rainforests - Rainforests are one of the most diverse, interesting, and endangered environments on the planet. Find book about these magical places in this feature.
  • Robots
  • Saving the Environment
  • School Days - Come and visit bookish school rooms of all kinds in this feature
  • Seas and Oceans and the creatures that live in them - These are books about the world's seas and oceans and the wonderful ecosystems that you find in them.
  • Sheep - Books about sheep for young readers
  • Ships and Sailors - Sailors, captains, terrible ocean storms, and sea shanties. You will find all of these in the pages of these books
  • Space - Explore the mysteries of space with these books for readers of all ages.
  • Squirrels
  • Statue of Liberty - Find out all about the Statue of Liberty by reading the books in this feature
  • Strong Girls, Strong Women - The books in this feature celebrate the achievements of women and girls from around the world. All these titles would be perfect books to read during Women's History Month, which is celebrated in March in the Unites States.
  • Suez Canal - Books about the building of the Suez Canal
  • Summer Camp Days - For many young people summer is a time when they go to camp. Here are some books about summer camp adventures.
  • Teddy Bears - Meet a wonderful collection of cuddly friends in this excellent collection of books
  • The Eiffel Tower - Books that tell the story about how the Eiffel Tower came to be built.
  • Trains and Locomotives - Take a splendid bookish ride by reading some of the books reviewed in this feature
  • Trees - Enjoy a trip into nature with the books in this feature
  • Tsunami - If you are interested in finding out about tsunamis take a look at this feature.

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