Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

The People in Pineapple Place

The People in Pineapple Place

Anne Lindbergh
For ages 9 to 12
David R Godine, 2011   ISBN: 978-1567924114

How is it possible for a place to be there and yet not be there at the same time? This is a question that August Brown asks himself many times in those first few days after he discovers Pineapple Place. Newly arrived in Washington D.C, August is lonely, upset and angry. His parents have separated and his mother, with him reluctantly in tow, has moved away from Vermont to start a new life in Washington DC. One day August decides to go out and explore, ignoring his mother's demand that he never go out without his sitter with him. While he is exploring his new neighborhood he encounters, and follows, a "rag-bag lady." August ends up following the strange woman all the way to a small street called Pineapple Place.

There August meet his first new friend, April Anderson. It isn't long before August begins to realize that there was something very strange about Pineapple Place. For one thing August discovers that he is the only person who could see the children who live in Pineapple Place. Eventually April tells August the bizarre story of Pineapple Place, a story that will change August's life in amazing ways. Thanks to his encounters with the people from Pineapple Place August makes a lot of discoveries about himself and those nearest to him. Maybe living in this new city won't be so bad after all.

This beautifully written book shows to great effect what it feels like to be uprooted from everything you know. Readers will enjoy sharing  the delightful adventures August has with his unusual friends.