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The Creative Cat Book of Outrageous Fun! Draw It, Sculpt it, Build it!

The Creative Cat Book of Outrageous Fun! Draw It, Sculpt it, Build it!

Cranium Inc.
Illustrator:  Baseman 
Novelty Craft Kit
For ages 6 to 12
Little Brown, 2006   ISBN: 978-0316057608

Get ready because Creative Cat and his friends Word Worm, Data Head, and Star Performer are going to take you on a fantastic journey. Everything you need to go on this journey of exploration and fun is right here on hand. Along with the Creative Cat activity book you have an erasable marker, a tub of clay, a mini timer, twenty-five game cards, a die, a stencil, and a mover piece. Built into the activity book there is a hidden board game so that you can play Mini Sculptorades - a game like no other.

So let us begin. Creative Cat begins by asking you to finish some artwork for him. You can use your special marker to finish the drawings that he never completed and because the marker is erasable you can do these drawings again and again. In the next activity Creative Cat shows you that the beach is not just a place to swim and play. It is also a place to get creative. On the beach pages Creative Cat encourages his "guests" to draw, sculpt, and use their imaginations. After this summer-ish trip you are going to visit the mint and learn all about money. Why, you can even design your own money. Imagine putting your own face on a five dollar note!

And so it goes on. All in all Creative Cat has seven different creative page topics lined up for his ?guests? to explore and at the end of the book there are "Super Sign-in Pages" to fill in and a game to play.

This activity kit will provide children with hours of entertainment and it is the perfect item to take along on a long trip. Everything that is needed is included and is neatly built into the kit. Many of the activities are not only entertaining but they encourage the child to use his or her imagination and creative skills.