Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews



Brian Jacques
Fiction  Series
For ages 12 and up
Penguin, 2001   ISBN: 0142501549

One late spring day an immensely proud and happy otter father takes his new son on a little trip. As per otter tradition Rillflag is going to introduce his little son Deyna to the river. Unfortunately the special ritual is never completed for Rillflag is killed and Deyna is kidnapped by a cruel group of vermin. A truly evil ferret called Sawney Rath leads the clan and it is he who is lead to believe that the otter cub is the Taggerung, or chosen one, who will make the clan powerful and successful. Though most of the clan members accept the new Taggerung, there are those who believe that he is not the real thing and want to get rid of him.

Taggerung, or Tagg as he calls himself, grows up to be very strong and intelligent otter. He has no illusions about Sawney Rath, knowing full well that the ferret is evil and not to be trusted. When Tagg refuses to execute one of the clan, Sawney Rath turns against his former protégée. Tagg leaves the clan and begins a journey which will eventually bring him to the gates of Redwall Abbey, to the place where he was born and where his mother and sister still live.

Meanwhile, as Tagg climbs mountains and has all kinds of adventures, the creatures of Redwall set about trying to solve a puzzle which will help them choose which of their number will be the next abbess of Redwall.

Moles who speak with a delightful country burr, a hare who is a glutton par excellance, cunning squirrels, and a wise and ancient badger are just a few of the characters who make this Redwall tale gripping, entertaining, and highly enjoyable. Readers will be delighted to watch as Tagg, guided by the famous Martin the Warrior, makes his way to his real home.