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Oh No, Woolly Bear!

Oh No, Woolly Bear!

Patricia McFadden
Illustrator:  Michele Coxon 
Novelty Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Star Bright Books, 2008   ISBN: 978-1595721495

Autumn has arrived, and Woolly Bear Caterpillar has decided that it time for him to find “a place to stay for the winter.” Woolly Bear hurries to the garden where he sees Bee, who is collecting nectar from a flower. He asks Bee if he can spend the winter with her, but she explains that “Hives are only for bees.” Woolly Bear is going to have to find somewhere else that is warm and dry.

In the vegetable garden Woolly Bear meets Ladybug and he asks the busy little beetle if he can spend the winter with Ladybug and all his cousins. Unfortunately, the ladybugs are already quite crowded and there is no room for Woolly Bear in their hollow log. Will Woolly Bear find a safe place to spend the winter in time?

In this charming and informative picture book, children will find out how a variety of little insects spend the winter months. Illustrations with scenes that capture the colors of an autumn landscape, flaps to lift on every page, and a loveable main character make this a winning seasonal title.