Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

How to Build an A

How to Build an A

Sara MIdda
Novelty book
For ages 3 to 5
Artisan, 2008   ISBN: 978-1579653781

Many people have come up with creative ways to help children learn the alphabet. Today alphabet books are varied, fun, and informative. In this set the author has gone one step further. She has devised a way to make learning the alphabet a hands-on activity.

In the set there is a book which contains charming illustrations and a minimal text. For example for the F pages there are the words "F is for flower" and there is a picture of a little person standing under an enormous flower. Under the text there is also a picture of a little person building an enormous F using four white rectangular blocks of different sizes. Young readers will see that for every letter of the alphabet there is a little person - or two or three little peopple – on the page who are building the letter using rectangles and curves.

Better still this set includes some foam rectangles and curves so that children can try building alphabet letters of their own. They, unlike the little people in the book, will have no difficulty manhandling the foam pieces into place. They can follow the example of the little people in the book, or they can create letters in their own. The set also includes a small blue string storage bag for the foam pieces.

This set would make a wonderful gift for a little child who is eager to learn, and who likes to build things with his or her hands.