Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Begin Smart: How Many Beeps?

Begin Smart: How Many Beeps?

Illustrator:  Elliott Kreloff 
Novelty Board Book
For infants to age 3
Begin Smart, 2009   ISBN: 978-1934618554

Here are five noisy trucks of different colors, and they are ready to get on the road. There are places to go and things to do! “Start the engine, beep the horn,” and off they go.

The first truck stops so that it can be loaded up with apples “packed in bushels.” Now there are four trucks left. Once again the trucks “start the engine” and “beep the horn.”

In this little book adults will find a catchy narrative that will help little children to learn their numbers (from one to five) and their colors. With a little horn built into the book, children will have a grand time adding their “beep beep” sounds to the narrative as it is read to them, making this an interactive experience that adults and children can share.