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Come Here, Cleo!

Come Here, Cleo!

Caroline Mockford
Picture Book  Series
For ages 2 to 4
Barefoot Books, 2001   ISBN: 184148329X

It is morning, and Cleo the cat has just woken up. Cleo yaws and blinks, and then she hops out of the window so that she can play outside.

First Cleo tries to climb up the slide, but it so slippery that she doesn’t make much progress. Next Cleo climbs a tree, and this time she has more luck. Cats like Cleo have no problem climbing trees.

In the tree Cleo meets a bird, and then she gets into a little difficulty. The narrow branch Cleo is standing on wobbles and she falls to the ground. Luckily cats are as good at falling as they are at climbing, and Cleo is soon on her feet and chasing a butterfly through the flowers.

In this charming Cleo title, Cleo the cat has a simple little adventure that young children will enjoy sharing. Children will be amused to see how Cleo explores her world, and they will enjoy looking at the appealing and brightly colored illustrations.