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Belinda in Paris

Belinda in Paris

Amy Young
Picture Book
For ages 3 to 6
Penguin, 2005   ISBN: 978-0670036936

The whole of Paris is in a great state of excitement. Belinda the ballerina is going to be performing. Everyone is delighted and looking forward to the coming event – everyone except Belinda herself that is. The reason for her gloom is very simple. Belinda does not have her favorite ballet shoes with her. These unfortunately have been misplaced and now Belinda has to go out and buy a new pair.

So off Belinda goes to the ballet shoe shop with Gabrielle as her guide. Unfortunately Belinda has very big feet indeed and trying to find a pair of pointe shoes that fits her feet is going to be something of a challenge. It soon becomes apparent that Belinda is going to have to have a pair of shoes specially made for her. Getting pointe shoes made at short notice and in record time is not as easy as it sounds however, and Belinda and Gabrielle have to become very creative indeed before they are able to get what they want.

Young readers who love the ballet will find themselves quickly falling in love with this big footed ballerina who has to think of her feet to save her performance. Colorful characters with a distinctive French flavor fill the pages and readers will see some of Paris’ most famous sites in the background as they follow the story.