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Odo Hirsch

Odo Hirsch

Award-winning author Odo Hirsch was born in Melbourne, Australia where he trained to be a doctor but now lives in London.

His first novel for children, Antonio S and the Mystery of Theodore Guzman was published in 1997 and was an Honour Book in The Book of The Year Awards, Younger Readers category. Since then he has had four more books published and has become recognised as an imaginative and original writer for children. Bartlett and the Ice Voyage was a JLG selection in America and won the Blue Peter Award.

His books are filled with wonderful, memorable, characters, interesting plots and lyrical prose to stretch the imagination and the literacy skills of his audience. Hirsch finds it difficult to pinpoint his sources of inspiration: 'you might be reading, or watching a movie, or riding on the Tube or going for a walk beside a canal. Suddenly you see or hear something that makes you start thinking. It’s interesting! It seizes your attention! When an idea is good it takes control of your imagination and makes it run and dance, like a squirrel running along a fence.'

Odo Hirsch's books have been translated into several languages.