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Zorro Gets an Outfit

Zorro Gets an Outfit

Carter Goodrich
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Simon and Schuster Books For Young Readers, 2012   ISBN: 978-1442435353

Zorro the pug and his friend Mister Bud are ready for the day to begin. They get their person up, they have their biscuits, and then they make it clear that it is time for their morning walk. Zorro and Mister Bud cannot understand what is delaying their person, and then she puts an “outfit” on Zorro. The pug is extremely embarrassed by his superhero outfit, and he doesn’t want to go for his usual morning walk. What if someone sees him?

Sure enough, when Eddie and the boys see Zorro, they make fun of the outfit. Even Slim the cat has something to say about the outfit, and it isn’t complimentary either. Mister Bud does his best to cheer up his friend, but Zorro is too depressed. How will he ever live down the humiliation?

Being the odd one out is never easy. People stare at you, they make comments, and all in all you feel as if the whole world is saying things about you. In this clever and deliciously amusing picture book, we see how one little dog tries to come to terms with an embarrassing problem, and how the problem seems to solve itself.

This is the second book starring Zorro and Mister Bud.