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ZooBorns! Zoo Babies from Around the World

ZooBorns! Zoo Babies from Around the World

Andrew Bleiman
Photographer: Chris Eastland
Nonfiction Picture Book
Simon and Schuster, 2010   ISBN: 978-1442412729

Most people find baby animals hard to resist, which is why so many people suddenly find themselves with a puppy or kitten, and they cannot for the life of them remember how they ended up with the new fluffy family member. Those big soft eyes and little feet and wiffly noses are…well, I think you get the idea.

If you live near a zoo or visit a city that has one, you might get the opportunity to see some more exotic animal babies. Perhaps a newborn baby elephant or a new litter of tiger cubs. However, if you don’t want to have to stand in a line at the zoo to see a new arrival, then this is perfect book for you because it full of all kinds of exotic babies. There is Beco, the Asian elephant who will grow up to be the biggest land mammal in the world, but who for now is quite happy to play with his “big blue ball.”

Then there is Amani, who is an aardvark. Amani is still very young, and at the moment this baby’s skin is very wrinkled and loose. There is no need to worry though. Amani will grow into that “extra skin” soon enough.

Rooby the kangaroo also has a skin problem, she has no fur! Thankfully she has a warm fluffy blanket to “snuggle into” and she will be nice and warm.

This delightful book with its simple text and its gorgeous photos will charm readers of all ages. The author and photographer who created this book “hope to raise awareness of the vital role that zoos and aquariums play in conservation.” Many of the babies show in the book belong to species that are endangered or threatened. Hopefully seeing these animals and learning about them will encourage children and their families to support efforts to save these wonderful creatures so that future generations can see them in the wild.

In addition to the main text and the photos, readers will find a “Get to know the ZooBorns” section at the back of the book. Readers might like to also visit the ZooBorns website at to see more delightful babies and to learn about a variety of animal species from around the world.