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Zoo Babies!

Zoo Babies!

Photographer: Lisa and Mike Husar
Nonfiction Board Book
For infants to children age 4
Farcountry Press, 2011   ISBN: 978-1560375050

In the past, zoos used to get new animals for their collections by acquiring animals that were born in the wild. Since then zoo staff members have learned how to make their animal guests truly feel at home, and because of this zoo animals are happier and they are having babies; lots of wonderful babies that zoo visitors can watch.

   In this charming little board book children can meet thirteen different zoo baby species, beginning with one of the most beloved of wild animals, the panda. In its photo this little black and white youngster is seen resting on a rock, its white chin resting on its black paw and its thoughtful eyes looking out at the world.

   On the next page we see a little hippo calf that is learning how to walk, with a little help from its mama. The young African elephant calf shown on the next page has its trunk in the air and it seems to have a questioning look on its face.

   Some of the babies in this book are alone, some are with an adult, and some are with a sibling or two. Each full color photo is accompanied by a simple piece of text, and the sections of text form rhyming couplets throughout the book. Children will be thrilled to see babies playing, napping, and doing many of the things that young creatures love to do.