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Zoe Sophia in New York: The Mystery of the Pink Phoenix Papers

Zoe Sophia in New York: The Mystery of the Pink Phoenix Papers

Claudia Mauner
Illustrator:  Elisa Smalley 
Picture Book
For ages 6 to 8
Chronicle Books LLC, 2011   ISBN: 978-0811848770

Zoe's great Aunt Dorothy is coming to New York City to read her latest book at a book shop. She is also coming to investigate the mystery of a scarab - the Pink Phoenix scarab to be exact. It is said that the scarab - currently on display at the Met for a short period of time only - has magical properties. Aunt Dorothy is sure that an old journal hidden somewhere in New York which will explain the history and powers of the scarab. Zoe adores her aunt and can't wait to find out more about this mystery.

At last Aunt Dorothy arrives and soon enough she and Zoe are on the trail of the missing journal. They go to some of the most interesting places in New York City, following a trail of clues and symbols.

In the end Zoe and her delightful great aunt discover that although searching for the journal is a wonderful quest, there is an equally interesting time to be had exploring the fascinating city around them, and spending time in each others company.

All too often we forget how much fun it can be to go exploring with someone we love. In this second Zoe Sophia book, Zoe and her great aunt once again share their interests and explore a great city. The visit all kinds of wonderful buildings, share interesting meals, and much more. For those who love New York City, this book is a reaffirmation of everything they have ever thought about the city (and a reminder that there are many things to see and visit), and for those who have never been to the metropolis, it is a perfect introduction to a place that is unlike any other.