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Zelda and Ivy

Zelda and Ivy

Laura Mcgee Kvasnosky
Fiction  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Candlewick, 2007   ISBN: 978-0763632618

Zelda and Ivy are sisters and Zelda wants to "play circus." Zelda suggests that Ivy should be the "fabulous fox on the flying trapeze" and she will be the ring master who announces what Ivy is going to do next.

At first all goes well but then Zelda has her sister do things which get more and more difficult. First Ivy has to stand up on the swing. Then she has to stand on only one paw. Then she has to stand on one paw holding on with only one paw. What on earth is Zelda going to have her sister do next?

In this funny and sweet chapter book the author describes three of Zelda and Ivy's adventures. In the first two stories Zelda gets her sister to do things which do not really work out well for Ivy. Such is the lot of the littlest sister. But, in the third story, Zelda shows us that she has another side, one which is not always trying to get the better of Ivy. She can be kind and generous when she feels like it.

The three stories in this book can stand on their own and they will certainly give children a laugh. Together the stories show readers that having a sibling can be a good thing – at times.

Written for the young reader who is ready to read on his or her own, this chapter book is sure to entertain children while it helps them to advance their reading skills.