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Zelda and Ivy and the Boy next door

Zelda and Ivy and the Boy next door

For ages 5 to 7
Candlewick, 1978   ISBN: 978-0763637996

One day Zelda and Ivy, the fox sisters, are playing "dinosaur discovery" when a boy fox sticks his head over their fence. He is moving in to the house next door and his name is Eugene. In no time at all Eugene is showing the sisters his Band-Aid collection. He is very taken with Zelda, so much so that he gives her his favorite Band-Aid. He also asks her to marry him. Zelda, not wanting to rush things, tells her suitor that she will "think about it."

For the rest of the week Eugene keeps asking Zelda to marry him and she keeps telling him that she needs to "think about it." Not agreeing to the proposal does not stop Zelda from asking Eugene to do all the crummiest jobs though. Dear me no!

Later Eugene, Ivy and Zelda begin to discover that there are times when things don't work out too well when there are three of you. Somehow someone gets left out, feelings get hurt, and then someone has to figure out how to fix things.

Any child who has had a less than perfect play date will sympathize with these three young fox children. A play date for three can indeed be fraught with difficulties. Though it is grand to have a third playmate for certain games and doings, at other times being with your sister all alone works best.

With a delightful sense of humor and a deep appreciation for the problems that can arise between children, in this book Laura McGee Kvasnosky shares a charming trio of stories with her readers, each one of which is amusing and entertaining.