Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Yummy Food Doodles

Yummy Food Doodles

Illustrator:  Violet Lemay 
Nonfiction Drawing Book
For ages 6 to 9
Duo Press, 2013   ISBN: 978-1938093159

Doodling can be a very creative way to spend some time. Often, when people start doodling, they have no real idea what is going to appear on the paper before them. They put a pen or pencil to paper and let the doodle magic flow. People tend to doodle images of things that interest them. They create doodle dogs or cats if they like animals. They draw doodle people if they like watching people and capturing expressions. If you are the kind of person who likes food, then this is the doodle book for you.

   Doodle books are wonderful because they give you ideas to help get you started, and this book is just such a title. The author begins by prompting us with “Ready?” and “GO!” Then we are invited to doodle our favorite meal. All there is on the page are the outlines of a fork, knife, spoon, plate, and glass. We have to add in everything else.

   Later on in the book we are invited to fill a drawing of an open fridge with “yummy” food.  We get to add ice cream to a collection of ice cream cones, and since we are free to do as we please, we can add as many sprinkles or candy pieces as we want.

   There are pages where you get to create a picnic feast for you and your friends, and add food to a grill that is waiting for someone to put some food on it to cook.

   In addition to the regular fill-in pages, there are also five “challenge” pages where doodlers are challenged to draw something difficult. One such challenge is to fill an empty doodle bowl with doodle rice using “one single line!”

  Though you will often create pictures of food, you will also get to create doodles of people, places, and other things. For example, if you have ever felt that you would be a great cereal box designer then you are in luck because one of the doodle pages in this book invites you to draw the artwork on a blank cereal box.

   With more than one hundred pages of doodles to draw on, this is the perfect book to take along on a trip or an outing.