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You're all my favorites: Book and Toy Gift Set

You're all my favorites: Book and Toy Gift Set

Sam McBratney
Illustrator:   Anita Jeram 
Novelty gift set
For ages 3 to 5
Candlewick, 2007   ISBN: 978-0763636852

Sometimes little creatures wonder things, and one night the three baby bears begin to wonder. Every night their parents tell them how they are "the most wonderful baby bears in the whole wide world." How do their parents know this? Now of course we know that all parents think their babies are the best babies in the whole wide world. What this particular mama tells her children is that when they were born the daddy bear told her how their babies were the "nicest baby bears anyone has ever seen."

Then the babies begin in wonder which of them is their parent's favourite. One of them does not have any patches on him. Does that mean he isn't as nice as the others? One is a girl and she wonders is her parents prefer boys; and one of them is rather small and he wonders if they prefer bigger baby bears. Of course the parent bears come up with wonderful answers to reassure their comfort their children and to reassure them that each one of them is loved as much as the other.

In the mini picture book in this set the simplicity of Sam McBratney's text and the message of love that goes with it beautifully compliments Anita Jeram's lovely watercolor and pencil artwork. Together this creative team brought us "Guess how much I love you," a picture book that is beloved by parents and children all over the world, and this new book about family love is sure to be another favorite.

To go with the book this set includes three adorable little plush baby bears, which small children will have a wonderful time playing with as the story is read to them.