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Young Princesses Around the World: Elizabeth and the Royal Pony

Young Princesses Around the World: Elizabeth and the Royal Pony

Joan Holub
Illustrator:  Nonna Aleshina 
For ages 6 to 9
Simon and Schuster, 2007   ISBN: 978-0689871917

One day Princess Elizabeth is out riding with her brother Prince Edward and her sister Princess Mary. Elizabeth tries to get her pony Pegasus to jump over a stone wall but he refuses to do so. Elizabeth, being a gentle girl who loves her pony, decides to get some advice rather than try to force her pony to do something he is afraid to do.

So Elizabeth goes to see the stable master at the palace to see what he has to say about Pegasus’ behavior. He suggests that she try to get Pegasus to jump over a less difficult obstacle first. Then once he is confident he will be willing to try harder jumps. Elizabeth next asks her governess Kat what she would do about Pegasus’ problem. Kat suggests rewarding Pegasus when he does well. Then the pony will know when his little mistress is “pleased” with him.

The next day Elizabeth begins her program of getting Pegasus to become a good jumper. She follows the advice of the stable master and of Kat and the results over the next few weeks delight the young princess, but she and Pegasus still cannot manage to get over that stone wall. Will they ever manage it?

In this excellent title from the “Young Princesses Around the World” series, young readers become familiar with a tale which is based on a true story from the life of Queen Elizabeth I of England. From the story it is possible to see how singular Elizabeth was even as a child, and how determined she was to have her own way. This was a trait which would make her one of the most powerful and successful Queens of all time. Written in an engaging and entertaining style, this is a perfect book for young readers who are eager to read chapter books on their own.