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The Young Bond: Book Four - Hurricane Gold

The Young Bond: Book Four - Hurricane Gold

Charlie Higson
Fiction  Series
For ages 12 and up
Hyperion, 2010   ISBN: 978-1423114154

Not long ago, young James Bond had a very close call and he was badly injured. Since he has a broken collarbone and various other injuries, it has been decided that James will not go back to school yet. He needs more time to recover in mind and in body. James’ aunt Charmian is an anthropologist, and she takes James with her when she goes on a trip to Mexico. For several weeks all goes well, and James starts to feel more and more like his old self. When Charmian has to go into the field for a while, James agrees to stay with one of her friends, Jack Stone, in the small coastal town of Tres Hermanas.
Soon after he arrives at Jack Stone’s house, a hurricane hits. During the storm, a group of thieves breaks into the house. They take Jack Stone’s two children, Precious and JJ, hostage and they steal Jack’s safe. Determined to do all he can to keep Precious and JJ safe, James tags along, pretending to be a local Mexican boy.

Conditions all over the region are terrible due to the hurricane, and Jack, Precious, JJ, and the thieves have a hard time driving across the country. James, Precious, and JJ find out that the criminals believe that Jack Stone’s safe contains a very valuable document that was stolen from the American government. It turns out that Jack Stone is a smuggler, and this time he has taken on a job that is way too hot for him to handle. The thieves hope to sell the document to the highest bidder. Perhaps they can even use it to buy there way onto the island owned by El Huracan, a ruthless criminal who has created a safe haven for criminals who are on the run. Just when James thinks they are safe, something terrible happens. More and more people die, and James begins to wonder if this adventure is going to be his last.

This exciting and unusual thriller set in Mexico will greatly appeal to readers who enjoy books that are full of danger-filled adventures. Readers will find it interesting to watch how the characters in the story develop and change as the tale unfolds.