Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

You Can Do It, Stinky Face!

You Can Do It, Stinky Face!

Lisa McCourt
Illustrator:  Cyd Moore 
Board Book
For ages 3 to 5
Scholastic, 2016   ISBN: 978-0545806480

One day Stinky Face is drawing a picture and his mother comes over and admires his artistic creation. Stinky Face then asks her what she would do if he wanted “to draw the most special, most exciting picture ever?” Stinky Face’s mama believes in her little boy, and so she tells him that she would get him all the tools he would need to create his masterpiece, and then she would tell him “You can do it Stinky Face!”

Stinky Face then asks his mama what she would do if he decided that he wanted to make a giant paper plane. What would she do if he wanted to “throw the craziest, highest longest-flying paper plane toss ever?”

Mama, being the wise and wonderful person she is, tells her little son that she would go to the top of the highest mountain with Stinky Face so she could watch him launch his giant paper plane, and she would yell “You can do it Stinky Face!”

Children often want to do challenging things, things that perhaps intimidate or frighten them. They may want to learn how to play the violin, or how to perform in a school play, or how to ride a bike. When they are faced with these challenges, their grownups will be there on the sidelines to cheer them on, to support and encourage them.  This wonderful board book reminds children that their grownups are there for them no matter what; that they believe in them. They believe that their children can do anything that they put their mind to.