Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Yes, Let's

Yes, Let's

Galen Goodwin Longstreth
Illustrator:  Maris Wicks 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Tanglewood Press, 2013   ISBN: 978-1933718873

The sun is rising and four children sneak into their parent’s room to get their parents up. It is summer and the family is going to the lake for the day. They need to get going before the day gets too hot. Not wasting any time, the family members set about packing a picnic. Backpacks are filled with food, drink, and other necessities, and then the station wagon is loaded and they are off.

The father drives the station wagon out of town and past a field of cows. The mother and some of the children sing as the car bowls along, and one of the boys takes photos. Of everything.

At last they are at their destination. Shoes are taken off and boots are put on and then they hike on the trail until they finally reach the river. Happily, the adults and children take off their boots and clothes, and soon they are all in the water swimming and playing. There really is nothing quite like an outing like this.

Every so often families spend a day together that is perfect. There are always minor mishaps like stubbed toes, insect bites, and arguments, but on the whole the day is full of good times. This charming book pairs a rhyming text with wonderful illustrations to give young readers a picture of just such a day. Children will enjoy exploring the artwork, and they will surely start to wish that they too could paddle in the water, build dams with rocks, and make mud pies.