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Written Anything Good Lately?

Written Anything Good Lately?

Susan Allen, Jane Lindaman
Illustrator:  Vicky Enright 
Picture Book
For ages 6 to 9
Lerner, 2010   ISBN: 978-0761354772

Once we learn how to write properly, writing quite quickly becomes something that we do all the time. Often we write things down without even thinking about it. Writing is a part of our lives just as breathing and eating are.

In this clever alphabet book, Susan Allen and Jane Lindaman take a look at twenty-six reasons why we put pen or pencil to paper. For the letter A the authors talk about autobiographies, and we meet a little boy who is writing his story and sharing his writings with his little brother.

Many children write book reports, essays, outlines, and reports throughout their school years. In their spare time they write in cards, journals, invitations, and letters. Some children take to writing like ducks to water and they enjoy writing newsletters, verse, plays, myths, and fables. All of these writing formats and more are mentioned in this special book.

Though this is an alphabet book first and foremost, this title also serves as a great ‘suggestion list’ for children. As they read the minimal text and look at the artwork, children will be see that writing offers us all kinds of ways to share ideas, communicate information, and reach out to others. After they see all the reasons why people write, children might even be inspired to write something of their own. Will you write something good today?