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Write and Wipe ABC and 123

Write and Wipe ABC and 123

From the editors at Scholastic
Novelty Board Book
For ages 3 to 5
Scholastic, 2015   ISBN: 978-0545906401

So often the best way to learn how to do something is to practice, practice, and practice doing it. The problem is that practicing can be really boring, no matter how old you are. If you are a young child it is even harder to do because focusing on one thing, when the world is so full of interesting things to do and explore, is challenging – to say the least.

Learning how to write ones ABCs and numbers takes practice and as we have ascertained, getting children to practice is not easy. The solution is to find a way to make practicing engaging, and perhaps even fun.

The creators of this novelty board book have combined several elements to help children enjoy working on their writing skills. First of all, the book includes a special pen which children can use to practice their writing on the book itself. If they make a mistake all they need to do is to wipe off what they have done and start over.

Children are invited to trace the letters and numbers shown in the book and then to try writing them on their own. They can trace the letters and numbers at the top of each page and use the space provided (which has guide lines) to practice on their own.

The book is also full of colorful photographs to look at. There are several photos on every page, and the names of the objects shown in the photographs are also provided. What keeps things interesting is that children can trace the numbers and letters that accompany the photos.

For example, on the page for the letter D, there are samples of upper and lower case Ds to trace and then copy. Below these there are five photos showing us objects whose names begin with the letter D. We see a dumper truck, a bread roll, a drum, a toy duck, and a dog. Children can trace all the Ds that appear on the name labels.

There are pages like this one for every letter of the alphabet, and then children get to practice their numbers. They learn how to write each number using numerals and they also learn how to write the name of each number in letters. Photos allow children to practice their counting skills as they learn.

With its cunning little handle, thick, glossy board pages, and handy pen holder, this novelty board book offers children a learning tool that they will come back to again and again.