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Woolly and Me

Woolly and Me

Quentin Greban
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Tilbury House Publishers, 2018   ISBN: 978-0884486367

A little girl has a very special pet. His name is Woolly and he is a mammoth. Despite the fact that Woolly is rather large, the mammoth and the little girl are inseparable. They go for walks, and they go for trips in the car. Thankfully the little girl’s family has a convertible because Woolly would not fit in a regular car. Woolly also goes with his friend when she attends ballet class, even though he looks rather ridiculous in a tutu

Woolly loves to go to the grocery store and he rides up and down the aisles in the shopping cart with his faithful mistress pushing him along. He then helps carry the groceries to the car. He gets scared on roller coasters, but he is not afraid of monsters at bedtime so long as his human friend sleeps on the bottom bunk.

In this beautifully illustrated book we meet a child who has a very special relationship with a mammoth. At the end of the tale we get a little surprise that leaves us wondering who Woolly really is, but then we realize that his true nature really does not matter because he is so very loved and appreciated.