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Wooby and Peep: A Story of Unlikely Friendship

Wooby and Peep: A Story of Unlikely Friendship

Cynthea Liu
Illustrator:  Mary Peterson 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Sterling Children's Books, 2013   ISBN: 978-1402796449

Wooby lives in a quiet neighborhood in a “humble home.” Wendy, his pet goldfish, is his companion and he enjoys spending time in his garden sitting under his 547-year-old tree and listening to his fountain.

   Then one day Peep moves into the house next door and it is immediately apparent that Peep is not like everyone else in the neighborhood. For one thing she has a huge sound system, and for another she is very enthusiastic and bouncy. The day after she moves in, Peep invites everyone to her house for a housewarming party. Everyone in the neighborhood makes up an excuse why he or she cannot go, and some of the excuses they come up with are really quite ridiculous. The only person who goes to the party is Wooby.

   Though her party was a “flop,” Peep does not give up, and she sets about trying to get Wooby to accept her as a friend. Unfortunately, Peep is rather accident prone and when she starts to carve a ball of marble for Wooby, the huge ball rolls into Wooby’s yard and it breaks his lovely fountain. Most individuals would give up after causing such a disaster, but Peep doesn’t. She is going to earn Wooby’s friendship somehow.

   In this very unique picture book, a sweet and funny story is paired with unusual art to give readers a memorable picture book experience. Readers will find it hard not to laugh as poor Peep tries to be the best friend she can be, and it is heartwarming to see how Wooby comes to understand and appreciate Peep’s intentions. As they read the story and watch Wooby and Peep interact, children we see that very different people (or animals) can become friends.