Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Wizards at War

Wizards at War

Diane Duane
Fiction  Series
For ages 12 and up
Magic Carpet Books, 2007   ISBN: 978-0152052232

Kit and Nita are back from their not terribly restful vacation and Nita is slowly getting used to having three aliens living in her basement. She is beginning to feel that it will almost be a relief to go back to school and to have a somewhat normal life once more. Unfortunately, Nita, her sister Dairine, their friends, and Kit's dog Ponch are not going to have the opportunity to take it easy any time soon.

Soon after they get home, Nita and Kit are told that the whole universe is facing a terrible threat. Huge expanses of dark matter are spreading across space swallowing up stars and planets. As the dark matter comes closer and closer to Earth, the adult wizards on the planet begin to lose their powers. Not only that but they even forget that they are wizards and that magic exists. Thus Earth, and the many other civilizations out there, are relying on the young wizards in their worlds to find a way to stop the dark matter before it is too late.

Nita, Kita, Dairine, Ponch and the three alien wizards set out to try to find a special kind of weapon, the one thing that they hope will be able to stop the terrifying spread of dark matter. They are not sure what, or possibly who, this weapon is, and in the end Ponch, with his own special brand of doggy wizardry, is the one who seeks out what they are looking for. The wizards end up on a planet where all the inhabitants are under the influence of the Lone Power. Somewhere on the planet the Hesper, their salvation, is hidden and they don't have much time to find it.

Readers who enjoyed the other books in this series will be enthralled by this title. This time Nita and Kit have to save not just their world but many other worlds besides. They, and we, discover all kinds of things about themselves and about their friends. Perhaps most meaningful of all, Kit discovers that his dog biscuit loving friend, Ponch, is not what he seems. Difficult decisions have to be made, and there many painful moments that will, at the very least, bring a lump to the throats of soft-hearted readers.