Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Winter’s Gift

Winter’s Gift

Jane Monroe Donovan
Picture Book
For ages 3 and up
Sleeping Bear Press, 2004   ISBN: 978-1585362318

It is Christmas Eve and there has been a big snowfall. Everything is covered with the glittering crystals of snow and looking pretty and still. Not far from the little town lives an old man who lives on a farm by himself. As he walks out to the woodpile the old man remembers love filled Christmases of the past. Now there is no Christmas celebration at his home for he is alone. Without his wife by his side, the old man does not have the heart to decorate his home.

At the same time as the man is remembering his past happinesses, a lost wild horse is wandering through the woods, hungry, cold and afraid. She stumbles on through the snow drifts but she is getting very tired and just before she reaches the old man's house she collapses. The old man hears her and is soon out in the snow coaxing her to her feet and making her comfortable in the barn.

On Christmas morning the old man discovers that the mare has brought him a gift that is priceless. Together he and his new family have something to look forward to.

With minimal text and the most glorious and evocative paintings, this beautiful book perfectly captures the message of hope that lies at the heart of the Christmas season.