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Winter Spring Summer Fall: A Touch and Feel Seasons Book

Winter Spring Summer Fall: A Touch and Feel Seasons Book

Ellen Weiss
Illustrator:  Andy Bennett 
For ages 1 to 3
Brighter Minds Media, 2006   ISBN: 978-1577913122

One winter’s day four rabbits, Cindy, Latika, Jules, and Sandra, are looking out of the window at the snowy landscape outside. Cindy tells her friends that she wishes it were summer instead of winter because she doesn’t like the cold. Latika says that “there are good things about every season” and she suggests that they should try to think of “something good about every season.”

And so they set about doing just that. For each of the seasons they find something that they like about that time of year. In winter they can play in the snow and skate. In the spring flowers bloom and soft furred baby bunnies are born. In the summer they can go to beach and play on the sand. And in the fall they can play in the leaves.

For each of the seasons, a double page spread shows the bunny friends enjoying the pleasures of the season, and for each double page spread there is a touch and feel surface which little children will enjoy running their fingers across. At the back of the book a section entitled “Ideas for Parents and Caregivers” has three excellent project ideas to share with children. There is also a small question and answer section on the last page which features four mini illustrations from the book.

This is an excellent book board to share with little children when discussing the joys of the seasons and how one should appreciate each one for what it has to offer.