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Winter is the Warmest Season

Winter is the Warmest Season

Lauren Stringer
Picture Book
For ages 2 to 5
Harcourt, 2006   ISBN: 978-0152049676

You may think that summer is the warmest season but here is a little boy who feels that winter is the warmest season of all. For him winter is a time for puffy jackets, hats with earflaps, fuzzy boots and mittens. It is a time for hot chocolate, grilled cheese sandwiches, hot soups and other winter warms foods. It is a time when radiators fill the air with “banging and hissing” sounds as they heat the house

Perhaps brightest and warmest of all, winter is a time for candles and fires in the fireplace, for snuggling close on the sofa to read a book, and sleeping in a bed mounded with blankets and quilts.

In this wonderfully vibrant and cozy book the author summons up all the best images of winter; the images of comfort, closeness, fun, light and of course, warmth. She makes the cold and dark days of winter look cheerful and bright, and she fills her character’s world with all the best things of the season.

Illustrations full of glorious colors and plenty of movement perfectly compliment the simple text in this seasonal picture book.