Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews



Aprilynne Pike
For ages 12 and up
HarperCollins, 2009   ISBN: 0061668036

For the first time in her life fifteen-year-old Laurel is going to public school. Her family has moved to Crescent City, and Laurel is having to get used to being around lots of new people. Thankfully, on her very first day in high school, Laurel meets David, a kind boy who makes an effort to make her feel welcome.

Soon after starting school, something really strange happens. At first Laurel just thinks she has a pimple growing on her back. When the “zit” continues to grow, Laurel starts to grow alarmed. Is the growing lump a tumor? Is it going to make her mortally sick? Then the lump bursts open and Laurel discovers that she has petal-like growths sprouting from her back. What on earth is happening to her? Desperate for some help, Laurel shows David her petals and instead of freaking out, David is enchanted and fascinated.

Then Laurel visits her old home and she meets a very disturbing young man who tells her that she is not human at all; instead she is a plant, “a faerie.” At first, Laurel refuses to believe his words. Then, with David’s help, Laurel does a few experiments and the friends come to the incontrovertible conclusion that Laurel is indeed a plant.

In this delightful debut novel, Aprilynne Pike begins the adventures of a young woman who discovers that she is not what she thought she was. With touches of magic and romance, this compelling tale will delight readers who enjoy fantasy titles.