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Window Art

Window Art

From the editors at Klutz
Novelty Craft Kit
For ages 5 to 8
Klutz, 2007   ISBN: 978-1591741671

Have you ever been into a church and seen those beautiful stain glass windows that some of them have? Using this kit you can make pictures of your own which you can put on windows and which the light can shine through. The effect is very much like a stain glass window. The colors will be stunning and the pictures will delight you and everyone who looks at them. Everything you will need to make the pictures is included in the kit.

All you need to do is to remove the plastic sleeves from the book, roll up your sleeves and choose which design you want to use. There all kinds of designs to choose from in the book including dragons, suns, dogs, cats, birds, super heroes, spaceships and much more. Next place the plastic sleeve over the design you want to use and using the black outline paint, trace the design. Allow the tracing to dry.

The next step is to fill in your tracing with the colored paint. Once this is done allow the design to dry. Once it is completely dry gently peel your creation off the plastic sleeve and put it on your window. You can create a whole scene using your window art creations and the effect will be colorful and cheerful. Stick one of the window art creations to a plastic file folder and you can give it to someone as a gift.

This excellent craft kit will give children hours of enjoyment. Their creations will be beautiful to look at for months to come and young crafters will find that they will be able to create all kinds of clever window scenes with their creations. The kit includes three plastic sleeves, one large bottle of black paint, and five bottles of colored paint, two of which contain glitter.