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Will You Be My Friend?

Will You Be My Friend?

Bernadette Watts
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
NorthSouth, 2013   ISBN: 978-0735841178

On a cold frosty morning Little Jack Rabbit puts his nose outside. Clearly winter is on its way and the next day Little Jack, his family, and some of his neighbors go to cabbage field to collect food. Father tells Little Jack not to pay any attention to the scarecrow that is on a pole in the field. Little Jack’s relatives think that the scarecrow looks horrible, and as far as they are concerned the scarecrow is “not one of us.”

   Little Jack cannot help noticing that the scarecrow has “kind eyes” and his mother feels that anyone with kind eyes must have “a warm heart.” The poor scarecrow is sad to see the rabbits leave. He is lonely and friendless.

   One day Little Jack decides to visit his friend Billy Squirrel and he asks Billy if he would like to go to the cabbage field. Little Charlie Mole joins them, and soon the three friends are happily eating cabbages in the field.

   As the day progresses the weather changes. A wind picks up and then it starts to snow. The sky is overcast and the young animals don’t know how to find their way home. They have no choice but to take shelter where they can and go home in the morning.

   In this charming picture book the author tells a heartwarming story that celebrates friendship and acceptance. Throughout the book the beautifully written text is paired with lovely evocative illustrations.