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Wild Cherry’s Secret

Wild Cherry’s Secret

Cicely Mary Barker
Picture Book  Series
For ages 5 to 8
Penguin, 2005   ISBN: 978-0723253570

The Flower Fairies all love to swing and climb in the trees, dangling in amongst the flowers and shrubs; all of them that is except Wild Cherry. Poor Wild Cherry is afraid to try any of these kinds of acrobatics and worse still she is ashamed of her fears. Why can’t she be daring and fearless like the other flower fairies?

As Wild Cherry is being teased about her unwillingness to join the tree climbers one of the little baby fairies, Baby Apple Blossom, gets herself stuck in a spot far above their heads. Terrified, the baby starts to cry and the only fairy she wants to help her is none other then gentle quiet Wild Cherry. Can Wild Cherry overcome her fears to help the pretty little baby?

Wild Cherry discovers that, when it really matters, she can overcome her fears and do what needs to be done. She also realizes that is all right not to want to play the same games as the other fairies and that there is nothing wrong with preferring the quiet life on the lower branches.

With a gentle message about overcoming fears and being true to oneself, this is warm and comforting little book. Small children who wrestle with their fears will find Wild Cherry’s story encouraging and reassuring. Surely if Wild Cherry can do it so can they.