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Wild Boars Cook

Wild Boars Cook

Meg Rosoff
Illustrator:  Sophie Blackall 
Picture Book  Series
For ages 4 to 7
Henry Holt, 2008   ISBN: 0805075232

Boris, Morris, Horace, and Doris are four wild boars. I am sorry to say that these four animals are not well-behaved boars. Dear me no! These boars are “bossy,” “selfish,” “stinky,” and “HUNGRY.” These four stinky swine are so hungry that they eat cakes, hot dogs, pizza, pickles, and so much more - and they are still hungry.

While she is eating a cookbook, Doris spies a recipe for a pudding. It surely will be the most delicious, messy, sticky, gooey, and chewy pudding every created. Of course, being the Wild Boars, Morris, Boris, Horace and Doris are not satisfied with making the pudding according to the recipe. Instead they add some very nasty ingredients to make it very large and to their dubious taste.

In this funny and thoroughly entertaining picture book, we meet a quartet of porcine characters who are utterly disgusting – and loveable. They behave badly, are gluttonous, and they have a terrible taste in food, but we cannot help finding them endearing. Sophie Blackall’s illustrations perfectly compliment Meg Rosoff’s clever text.