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Wild Alphabet An A to Zoo Pop-up Book

Wild Alphabet An A to Zoo Pop-up Book

Dan Green
Paper Engineer: Julia Frohlich
Nonfiction pop-up book
For ages 4 to 7
Kingfisher, 2010   ISBN: 978-0753464724

Let us take an A to Z journey into the animal kingdom. Here, for the letter A, is an antelope. With its long legs, it runs very fast and can jump high in the air. The chinchilla on the C page also runs fast, but an open plain in Africa is not its chosen home. Here we see it running around an exercise wheel in a cage.  On the E page we see an elephant, an animal that likes to “take is slooooow.”

Of course, there are the big cats too. The leopard on the L page, the jaguar on the J page, and the tiger on the T page. These predators climb, “pounce,” and catch their meals with their “razor-sharp teeth and claws.”

In this unique alphabet pop-up book, the reader is presented with a clever pop-up, information about the featured animal, and a photo of the featured animal on every double page spread. Each pop-up is different, and readers of all ages keep coming back to see the penguin peeking out from behind its letter P, and the chinchilla running on its letter C exercise wheel.