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Wicked Lovely

Wicked Lovely

Melissa Marr
Fiction  Series
For ages 14 and up
HarperCollins, 2008   ISBN: 978-0061214677

Aislinn has an uncommon ability; she can see the fairies that live all around us. She knows what they look like, she sees the mischief that they get up to, and she forever has to be careful that she does not react to them in any way. Her grandmother has drummed three rules into Aislinn's head: don't stare at invisible fairies, done speak to invisible fairies, and don't do anything to attract their attention.

Unfortunately, one of the faeries, a gorgeous boy called Keenan, is very attracted to Aislinn. In human form he pursues Aislinn, and he is not put off, even when she rebuffs him again and again. What Aislinn does not know is that Keenan is not just any faerie. He is the Summer King and he is looking for the right girl to be his queen. For hundreds of years he has been looking, and for hundreds of years the girls he has chosen have not been the right one. Every single one of the mortal girls who have attracted Keenan's attention have had to go through a test, a test devised by Keenan's evil mother Beira, the Winter Queen. Every single one of the girls has failed to pass the test. Instead of becoming Keenan's consort they have been transformed into a cold Winter Girl faerie. The Winter Girl cannot be freed from her miserable existence until a new mortal girl tries to break the curse that Beira placed on Keenan long ago.

Desperately Aislinn tries to fight Keenan off. She loves Seth, and she does not want to become one of the fey. But there comes a time when Aislinn has to accept that this is one situation that is not going to go away.

This has to be one of the most extraordinary twenty-first century fairy stories every written. Marissa Mar weaves a complex tale that is steeped in magic, an ancient curse, and a battle for power. Running through the fairy-tale are the threads of two love stories. These perfectly balance what can, at times, be very dark moments in the narrative. The characters are powerful, and they sweep the reader away to a world where fairies battle for supremacy, and where most humans have no idea that fairies are even there.