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Wicked Cool Friendship Bracelets

Wicked Cool Friendship Bracelets

Karen Phillips
Illustrator:  Mizna Wada 
Craft Kit
For ages 8 to 10
Klutz, 2011   ISBN: 978-0545346221

Many children and young people enjoy working on craft projects with their friends. Little children often start sharing creative time with their besties by coloring or drawing together, chatting as they work. Then they move onto more complicated craft projects, sewing, and then, when they are in their tweens and teens, perhaps knitting or crocheting. Often one of the best things about making something with a friend is being able to give that friend, or another one, what you have made.

In this craft kit, young crafters will find a book and all the ‘ingredients’ that they are going to need to make some “dark & sparkly bracelets for forever friends.” Included in the kit is cord in three different colors, beads, and charms. Of course you can always add to what is included in the kit by finding other supplies at your local craft store.

In the book crafters are shown how to make five different kinds of bracelets. Some are relatively easy to make, while others are more complicated. The author begins by showing crafters the basic skills that they need to know to be able to make the friendship bracelets in the kit. They will learn how to start each project, how to anchor it while they are working on it, how to figure out the length of cord that they need, how to make the ending knot, and how to add fastenings.

The first project is a bracelet called Bitten. This bracelet has a simple design with a bead droplet or charm at the end, which dangles from the wearer’s hand. Annotated illustrations show crafters every stop of the process from the first beginning knot, through the braiding and beading process, right to the final knot.

The second project is called Snake Charmer, and this bracelet is made up of four threads in two colors that incorporate beads along the length of the bracelet. Thorns and Roses is similar except it has eight lengths of cord to work with and the pattern is a more open lacey one, which creates a wider bracelet. Tangled and Cobweb come next, and as their names suggest, their style is more involved and therefore more challenging to make.

For each project, tips and tricks are offered to help the crafter along the way.

This kit would make a wonderful gift for a young crafter who likes to make presents for friends.