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Who's That...Playing?

Who's That...Playing?

From the editors at Kingfisher
Board Book
For infants to children age 4
Kingfisher, 2013   ISBN: 978-0753470718

Many young animals, including little humans of course, like to play. Play helps the youngsters develop their coordination, and in some cases play also helps them hone skills that they are going to need as adults. Young animals also learn to get along with others of their own kind when they play together.

In this simple yet engaging board book, we meet seven kinds of young animals, and we see how they play. We also learn a little about each of the featured animals. For example, on the left hand page of the first spread we can see a photo of a kitten playing with a toy, standing on its back legs and batting at the toy with its front paws. On the facing page there is a picture of another kitten playing with a little red ball. The text tells us that the animal we are looking at is a kitten, and that it has long fur and pointed ears. A little annotation shows us one of the ears.

The next spread shows us a group of ducklings playing in the water. A picture of a duckling on the facing page shows us clearly what a duckling looks like. We learn that it has “a beak and webbed feet.”

The other animals featured in this book are a puppy, bear cubs, a pair of lambs, penguin chicks, and piglets.

On every spread in this book the editors who created this book give young children a perfect combination of wonderful photos, interesting information, and entertaining animal noise words.