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Who's at home? A lift-the-flap book

Who's at home? A lift-the-flap book

Maggie Silver
Novelty Book
For ages 5 to 7
Matthew Price, 2009   ISBN: 1935021184

This beautifully presented book gives young readers the opportunity to explore the homes of various kinds of animals. The homes are all very different, and children get to guess what kind of animal lives in each home.

Here is a hillside above on a coastline. There are flowers and grass and we see that something has dug a burrow in the earth. We are told that the animal that dug this home has “a brightly colored beak and orange feet.” Children can look at the picture for clues, and then they can lift the flap to see if they guessed right.

On another double page spread we see an underwater scene. An old jug is lying on the bottom of the ocean and we are told that an animal is living inside it. The animal is “not a fish,” and it has “eight arms.” Readers can lift up the jug and they will find out what kind of animal is living inside.

With beautiful and richly detailed illustrations, this book provides young readers with a glimpse into the worlds of eight animals. Each animal lives in a very different habitat. At the back of the book, the author also provides her readers with further information about the animals that she features in her book.