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Who is Afraid of Little Wolf?

Who is Afraid of Little Wolf?

Yayo Kawamura
Board Book
For ages 2 to 5
Prestel Junior, 2019   ISBN: 978-3791373812

Little wolf is bored and so he decides that what he needs is someone to play with, and so off he goes to look for a playmate. Soon enough he sees squirrel and he asks her if she would like to play with him. Unfortunately, squirrel’s mother has told her that she is “not allowed to play with wolves.”

Wolf walks on until he comes to a stream and there he sees a little rabbit. He asks the rabbit if it would be willing to play, but the rabbit’s mother also thinks that her child should not play with wolves.

Poor little wolf soon finds out that all the young animals have mothers who don’t approve of wolves; and then he meets bee. It turns out that bee is not afraid of the little wolf at all and soon the new friends are having the time of their lives. What these two very different animals don’t realize is that they are going to set a very important example for all the young creatures in the forest.

When children are left to their own devices they are quite happy to play with anyone they encounter, but when the prejudices of their grownups come into play, they imitate their elders and start to develop less kind behaviors.

This simple yet powerful little story explores how friendships can break down the barriers of  biases, and little children will appreciate that friends come in all sizes, colors, and shapes.