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Begin Smart Where's Your Nose?

Begin Smart Where's Your Nose?

From the editors and writers at Beg
Photographer: Elliot Kreloff
Board novelty book
For infants to age 2
Begin Smart, 2010   ISBN: 978-1934618936

Here is a teddy bear and he is lying on his back and touching his toes. You can feel the soft pads on the bottom of his feet. Can you touch your toes too? Next, we meet another teddy, a different one, who is touching his smooth nose. You can touch his nose too if you like, and then you can show us where your nose is.

In this sweet novelty board book, little children will meet some delightfully loveable teddy bear characters. On every double page spread, there is a section of text that describes what the teddy bear in the photo is doing. Then there are two questions that challenge children. One question invites them to interact with the book by touching the textured surfaces. Another question encourages them to touch their toes, find their nose, find their knees, find their tummy, find their ears, and wave good-bye.

Like so many of the other Begin Smart titles, this book gives little children the tools that they need to help them learn new words and to explore concepts in interesting ways.