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When Posey peeked at Christmas

When Posey peeked at Christmas

Ann Dixon
Illustrator:  Anne Kennedy 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 8
Albert Whitman, 2008   ISBN: 0807589195

Posey is a mouse who loves Christmas. Though she enjoys the music, decorations, and food, Posey like the presents best. I am sorry to say that Posey likes the presents so much that she sniffs, shakes, and squeezes the presents under the tree. Even when her mother tells her to “stop snooping” Posey just can’t help herself.

On the afternoon of Christmas Eve, Posey’s parents and her sister go out caroling. Posey looks at the presents. Before long, she is “snooping” again. And then – I wish I didn’t have to tell you this – Posey starts to unwrap one of the presents. Soon, all of her presents are unwrapped. After she delights over her gifts, Posey carefully rewraps the presents.

When her family comes home, Posey starts to worry. Surely, everyone will know that she peeked. Surely, Santa will know that she was naughty.

Every child has, at least once, tried to peek at his or her Christmas presents. It is only after they have spoiled the surprise that they realize that Christmas without surprises is not Christmas.

With its charming mouse-centric illustrations and its meaningful story, this holiday tale is sure to give children something to think about. They can also have fun trying to guess what is in the little present that Posey decides not to open.