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When Lulu Went to the Zoo

When Lulu Went to the Zoo

Andy Ellis
Picture Book
For ages 3 to 6
Andersen Press USA, 2010   ISBN: 978-0761354994

One day four-year-old Lulu goes to the zoo. Being the kind of girl that she is, she soon sees that all is not well with the animals at the zoo. The tigers are crying and the llamas are so miserable that their ears are all droopy. Lulu squeezes through the bars of the cages and she gets to know the animals. From them she learns that all the animals want to be free.

Lulu quickly decides that she is going to do something for her animal friends; she is going to let them out of their cages and take them home. Though Lulu is happy to share her home with the animals, it soon becomes clear that having a zoo-full of animals in her house is not going to work.

In this charming picture book, Andy Ellis pairs his charming illustrations with a delightfully light rhyming text that is perfect for reading out loud.