Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Wheels at work: City

Wheels at work: City

Novelty Board Book
Fora ges 3 to 5
Childs Play , 2017   ISBN: 978-1786280817

Cities are full of vehicles that help people get from place to place, and often they help them to do their jobs as well. Just stand on a street corner and you will see taxis, trucks, vans, and buses; and in some places you might also see trains and trams.

In this engaging little novelty book children will encounter five different vehicles that are out and about in a city. The first one we see is a truck, and when we open a flap we find out that it is a delivery truck that is full of groceries.

Then there is a school bus that has come to a stop so that the driver can pick up a group of school children.

Next there is a pick-up truck that has the words City Park written on it. When we open the flap we discover that the truck is pulling a trailer of baby trees. It’s planting day!

Children are going to love this colorful novelty book. Every spread has a large flap to lift that shows us what the vehicle we are looking at is used for. We see how the drivers of the vehicles provide an important service to the people living in their city.