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What's this? A Seed's Story

What's this? A Seed's Story

Caroline Mockford
Picture Book
For ages 3 to 5
Barefoot Books, 1999   ISBN: 978-1846860713

One winter's day a seed lies on the ground in a garden. A bird flies down to look at it and wonders "What's this?" He is not the only one to wonder what the seed is. A little girl who sees the seed wonders the same thing. She asks a passing marmalade cat, and the cat explains that the seed is "something that grows." The little girl should water the seed and one day she will find out what the seed is capable of doing. So the little girl waters the seed on dry days and she waits.

Finally one day in spring a thin stem pushes its way up and into the light. Eagerly the little girl watches the plant to see what it will do next.

With careful simplicity the author of this book captures the wonder that a child experiences as she watches a tiny seed grow into a glorious plant. When one really watches a plant grow from day to day, one truly sees how miraculous the process is. Warm childlike paintings beautifully compliment the text, and a section of additional information at the back of the book will teach young readers even more about plants and how to grow them.