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What Katy Did Next Audio

What Katy Did Next Audio

Susan Coolidge
For ages 12 and up
Unabridged audiobook (CD)
Performed/read by: Susan O'Malley
Blackstone Audiobooks, 2001   ISBN: 0786192267

Katy Carr is thrilled when a dear friend who lives next door, Mrs. Ashe, invites her to go on a trip to Europe. Katy will be a companion for Mrs. Ashe, and will help take care of Mrs. Ashe’s little daughter Amy.

After visiting an old school friend in Boston, Katy joins Mrs. Ashe and Amy on the steamer that is to carry them across the Atlantic to Europe. Unfortunately, the ship encounters bad weather soon after leaving harbor and Katy and her companions have a very hard time indeed. All three of them are wretchedly seasick and all three wish that they had never left America.

Thankfully, the weather clears up and the rest of the journey is quite pleasant. Katy, Amy, and Mrs. Ashe visit several places in England and then they go to France. Their adventures are somewhat dampened by the miserable weather they encounter, and they are all delighted when they get to the South of France. Here are last is the sun once more. The three of them find a delightful hotel to stay in, and Mrs. Ashe is thrilled when her brother Ned comes to see them. Ned is in the navy and his ship is in port. He is able to spend plenty of time with the three travelers.

All goes well until Mrs. Ashe’s party gets to Rome. Then disaster strikes, and Katy has to face a terrible trial.

First written in 1886, this delightful story continues the story of Katy Carr, the main character in What Katy Did and What Katy did at School. With vibrant characters and delightful descriptions, this story not only gives listeners a picture of what it was like to live in the late 1800’s, but it also explores the way people change as they grow up.

Susan O’Malley brings Susan Coolidge’s world to life, giving the characters depth and warmth.