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What dogs want for Christmas

What dogs want for Christmas

Kandy Radzinski
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 7
Sleeping Bear Press, 2008   ISBN: 978-1585363636

Most of us know what we would like for Christmas, but what about our doggie friends? What would they like Santa to bring them? If they could write what would they ask for?

General, a grinning bull dog, would tell Santa that he would like something "so I'll smell sweet." Daisy, a basset with a serious expression on her face, would like Santa to "fix" her long ears so that "they're short and neat." Santa, in his infinite wisdom, sends daisy a hat, which allows her to tuck up her long ears. Ruby is a cheerful looking dachshund who would really like something to help her "get around/ 'cause by belly's too close to the ground."

In this wonderful series of letters to Santa, a wide variety of dogs, big and small, hairy and sleek, young and old, tell Santa what they would like for Christmas. Sometimes their requests are funny, and sometimes they are touching. Readers will be reminded that the dogs in their lives should not be forgotten during the festive season. What will you be giving your dog this Christmas?

In this book incredibly detailed and rich illustrations combine perfectly with the rhyming letters to give readers a book that is sure to become a holiday favorite.